Daily Blog – Ross Jones – June 5, 2008: THE NEW iPHONE?

I am not what you would call an Apple fanatic. My computers are all Wintel-based machines. My only Apple product is an an old iPod mini with a battery that is slowly dying. But I have to admit that the iPhone craze is starting to infect me. A bunch of my friends already have one, and (with one exception) they all rave about the product. Plus, I really hate my current cell phone/PDA, produced by a company that shall remain nameless. So I’m in the market for a new phone anyway.

Rumors are flying that the new iPhone is going to be introduced by Steve Jobs next week at an Apple conference. If the rumors are true, it will have 3G capabilities and built-in GPS, the two things my friends say they wish existed in the current iPhone. I like to think of myself as being anti-trendy, but somehow I have a feeling I’ll be waiting in line with the rest of the world next week (or by the end of the month, depending on which rumor you choose to believe), hoping to get one myself. If the product lives up to anything near its hype, maybe I’ll be a convert?