Daily Blog – Ross Jones – June 19, 2008: THE FRONT PROJECTOR IN THE LIVING ROOM

We’re starting a series of front projector reviews, including systems that can be used in non-dedicated environments (such as family rooms) without requiring custom installation. I’m guessing that, given the current state of the economy, projectors that can deliver the goods in a multi-use space will become increasingly popular.

As I’ve mentioned before, my home doesn’t have a dedicated theater room, so it is a perfect guinea pig space for these systems. Last Saturday night, I sat the family down on the couch with Transformers (HD DVD), a 1080p projector, 84” screen, and many bowls of popcorn. My six year-old (who has encyclopedic knowledge about Optimus Prime) giggled with delight every time the autobots appeared, while my teenage son stared open-jawed at a larger-than-life Meagan Fox (not that I noticed, of course). Even the wife approved of the movie theater ambience.

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?