Daily Blog – Ross Jones – July 3, 2008: THE BACKYARD THEATER.

It’s July 4th weekend here in the U.S., which traditionally means standing over a grill filled with searing animal meat, beer in one hand and BBQ tongs in the other. Why this is an appropriate way to celebrate the birth of our country is the topic of another blog (in a different publication). I have a nice set of Paradigm outdoor speakers, so will at least be able to enjoy my music while manning the grill.

But how about watching a movie in the backyard? Now you can stop by the local big-box store and buy an inflatable outdoor screen. I have seen commercial versions of them at parks, and while not a videophile experience, the image quality is at least on a par with the drive-in movies of my youth; plus you don’t have the metal speaker affixed to the car window or idiots who keep flashing their headlights at the screen every time there’s a romantic scene. Now that’s something I can celebrate.