Daily Blog – Piero Gabucci – April 11, 2008: ON THE ROAD WITH HI-RES AUDIO.

When the 2004 Acura TL came along, it had one of the first sound systems that could handle surround 5.1 audio from DVD- Audio discs. I was in the market at the time and I never took the car for a test drive, I sat in the front seat and listened – the salesman thought I was nuts. I never bought the car, it was just out of the price range I was looking for but they got me in the showroom for no other reason than the audio system. 

Last year my wife’s car had been totaled and sure enough it was time to look for a new car. As she liked driving mid-sized American cars, the one that stuck out was the Lincoln Zephyr, now the MKZ which has a THX system available, and once again I never drove the car, just went to the dealership and brought along a few of my own DVD-Audio discs, just like at the audio shows, cool!  I could not convince my wife that she needed this car and frankly it wasn’t all that interesting, despite the obvious audio improvements. 

Last week I was surprised to acquire a company car and sure enough my dream came true, a DVD-Audio system!! Nobody seems to understand why I don’t care for the huge sun-roof, or navigation, or full leather seating and wood trim – this thing had glorious 5.1, not the best speakers I’ve ever heard ( you all know them by their name, that four-letter word) but I don’t care, I’m truly enjoying my DVD-Audio discs on the road!

Traffic jams?! Who cares!!