Daily Blog – John E. Johnson, Jr. – June 16, 2008: THE PERFECT STORM.

Do you remember the movie The Perfect Storm released back in 2000?

I had never heard that term before until I saw the movie. It means everything bad that can possibly happen just comes together at the same time.

So, what about the situation in the US today?

(1) Horrific weather patterns across the country that are flooding thousands of homes.

(2) Thousands more homes lost in the mortgage crisis.

(3) A war that is costing us about half a trillion tax dollars.

(4) Price of oil and gas going through the roof because rapidly growing new economies have huge demands for it.

(5) Price of food going up because we started using corn to make fuel, and the cost of fuel makes it more expensive to move the food where it needs to go.

(6) Airlines going bankrupt because they can’t afford the cost of fuel.

(7) Auto manufacturers in trouble because no one is buying the big cars.

(8) Weather patterns changing and California is headed into a drought and maximum fire hazard. So, Iowa, where a lot of America’s food is grown, has too much water causing floods, and California, where a lot of America’s food is grown too, will not have enough water.

(9) US dollar weak and all those goods we make overseas will now be more expensive to import.

But, we are still going to the movies and watching Blu-ray at home. It is a great escape. I am very curious to see how the entertainment industry changes as we get deeper into an experience we have not had since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.