Daily Blog- Brian Florian- April 23, 2008: LET THE SUN SHINE IN.

Most people who’ve never been to Canada, and even some who have, think we live in a perpetual ice age.  News flash: with the exception of a minority of the population who live along the same line as Alaska, we do have lovely summers and in my neck of the woods (Atlantic region) its not uncommon to hit 40 degrees C in July.

Having said that though, this past winter was a killer.  Snow accumulation in some areas of the province was well above 10 feet.

But its been thawing hard for a few weeks and last weekend we finally got the mountain bikes out for a spin.

I love my movies but this is one time of year that the absolute videophile in me takes a back seat.  Its just too darn nice out to sit in a pitch black room for hours on end.  Not that I’m giving up movies for the summer or anything, but after a bad case of cabin fever which felt like its been in full force since January, I’m prepared to leave the blinds open just a hair to let some natural light in, and leave the window open for some fresh air, even if that means my perceived picture contrast is down a couple notches and I have to put up with hearing the occasional shout from kids in the neighborhood.

Of course, come July I’ll be singing a different tune:  Being in the half-basement, our theater is the coolest place in the house and watching a movie becomes something of a welcome refuge when the heat wave (usually sent our way by the good peoples of Chicago and Toronto) comes in.