This Worthy Follow-Up to the Enduro 100 Boasts Voice Assistant and Active Noise Cancellation.

Enduro ANC’s

San Diego, Calif. (January 2, 2020) – Launching in Spring 2020, Cleer Audio’s Enduro ANC doubles the industry-average time of noise cancelling playback, operating for 60 hours with the feature enabled. Thanks to its industry relationship to Qualcomm, Cleer is one of the first brands on the market implementing Qualcomm’s QCC5126 chip, which accounts for the Enduro ANC’s advanced design and Cleer ‘s engineering ability with power management. In addition to being able to block noise up to 30 decibels, the noise-cancelling performance is customizable, based on where it is being used, optimizing the balance between limiting unwanted noise and audio performance. Using the new Cleer Connect app, users will be able to adjust settings for specific situations, e.g. traveling via airplane, train or car or use in a café or outdoors. It also features Cleer’s patented 40mm Ironless DriverTM.

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“Consumers have long been frustrated at the battery life of their headphones, especially when traveling. When you include in-demand features like noise cancellation, many products on the market are unable to last through a long-haul flight, much less an entire trip, leaving travelers left to bring another charging cord and scrambling for an outlet,” says Aaron Levine, Vice President of Marketing of Cleer Inc. “Our engineering team has been able to maximize the power management potential of this new Qualcomm chip, so we can offer a noise cancelling headphone with 60 hours of battery life, meaning you may not need to charge your headphones for an entire trip. Not only will a single charge last through a round-trip flight from Newark to Singapore, the Enduro ANC has a quick charge feature that replenishes 2 hours of battery life when charged 5 minutes via USB-C.”

Made from a high-grade molded plastic, with ergonomically designed memory foam earpads, the craftsmanship and light weight of the Enduro ANC mean that is comfortable to wear for the long haul. Its slim headband flexes but doesn’t weaken, so that the out-of-box pressure on the ears and crown of the head is adjustable.

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The Enduro ANC will be available for $199.99 in April 2020 at, authorized retailers as well as You may also find the Enduro ANC at CES, January 7-10 at booth 16720, Central Hall.

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