Blue Echo Solutions Announces Ranger Audio Video as an Authorized Dealer for hd EZ lock

Redondo Beach, CA –  May 7th, 2010 –  Blue Echo Solutions, the manufacturer of Blue Echo HDMI Cables and the award-winning hd EZ lock, announced today Ranger Audio Video, a Custom Installation company serving the San Francisco Bay Area, has become an authorized dealer for hd EZ lock.

Ranger Audio Video, which specializes in Home Entertainment Systems for the greater San Francisco area, will carry hd EZ lock, the only Universal HDMI Locking Adapter on the market, for use in its installations to eliminate HDMI connection issues and reduce unnecessary service calls or warranty issues caused by a loose or strained HDMI connection.

“With how hectic life is for everyone these days, it is important to us at Ranger Audio Video that our clients’ home entertainment be stress free and a source of pure enjoyment.  Products like the hd EZ lock are essential for fulfilling our mission to create a strong work/life balance for our clients and staff with a bare minimum of expense,” says Ranger Audio Video owner Michael Vetrovec.

“With this announcement, Ranger Audio Video shows its commitment to providing the best quality of installation possible,” says Tony Eppright, President of Blue Echo Solutions.  “By using hd EZ lock in their HDMI installations, Ranger Audio Video is significantly reducing the risk of HDMI cables coming loose or causing damage to an HDMI Input.  In doing so, they are showing their level of customer service by ensuring their clients aren’t subjected to these problems, which often result in unnecessary and expensive service calls and frustration.”

About Ranger Audio Video
Ranger Audio Video is dedicated to providing custom home entertainment designs to our clients in a fun, exciting, and friendly atmosphere; delivering the highest level of customer service; and promoting a strong life/work balance. Ranger Audio Video is an authorized dealer for Acoustic Innovations, Audioquest, Marantz, Rel, Sonus Faber, Vienna Acoustics, and more for the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  For more information about Ranger Audio Video, visit

About hd EZ lock
The patent-pending hd EZ lock is the only Universal HDMI Locking Adapter available and winner of a CES 2009 Innovations Design & Engineering Showcase Award.  hd EZ lock addresses well-known issues with physical HDMI connection, both by locking the HDMI cable and by eliminating harmful stress on the HDMI input.  hd EZ lock typically installs in less than a couple of minutes, and can be used with most HDMI cables and components on the market. Once installed, hd EZ lock serves as a strain-relief, eliminating connection problems such as intermittent signal dropouts, typically caused by stress on the internal pins of a female HDMI receptacle or from a loose connection. The end result is fewer service calls for consumers and lower costs of warranty for installers.  hd EZ lock is made in the USA.

About Blue Echo Solutions, Inc
Blue Echo Solutions, manufacturer of Blue Echo HDMI Cables and hd EZ lock, is a Consumer Electronics company dedicated to providing Dealers and Consumers with products and services that will enhance the Consumer Electronics experience through innovative products and solutions, as well as by building great relationships and through world-class Customer Service.  For more information about Blue Echo Solutions, visit


Tony Eppright
Blue Echo Solutions, Inc.
Phone/Fax 800-723-2304
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Michael Vetrovec
Ranger Audio Video
Phone (510) 538-6445
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