Aurender Music Archive and Player

    Seoul, Korea – May 20, 2011 – Widealab Incorporated announced today the launch of their Aurender Series Digital Music Archive and Playback Systems with Solid State Drive Playback and iPad user interface. Solid State Drives have numerous advantages over CD mechanisms and hard disk drives which have mechanical parts that wear down and emit noise. More importantly, there are limitations to accurately reading and playing back data from a spinning disk in real time. Solid State Drives have no disks, no seek times and vastly lower random access times than hard disk drives and compact disk drives. This ensures absolute accuracy in reading and playback of music files.

    Another crucial factor in flawless playback is the accuracy of the clocks which are used as references in reading and playing back music data. Aurender’s clocks are based on ultra-stable TCXO or OCXO oscillators, depending on the model. The next step up in performance to OCXO oscillators are rubidium oscillators which are used in atomic clocks. The OCXO oscillators used in the Aurender are of the finest quality and boast an accuracy under 5 billionth of a second. TCXO and OCXO based clocks along with proprietary re-clocking using Field Programmable Gate Arrays guarantee that the signal to the Digital Analog Converter is as accurate as economically feasible. 

    The Aurender can store up to 6 terabytes of music in uncompressed or lossless formats which are used by studios and broadcasting companies to archive their recordings. The iPad is the user interface for the Aurender Music System and the application is free of charge. By using the iPad as an interface, users can easily view all details of the music collection according to Song, Artist, Genre,Album, Composer and Conductor, in addition to instantly selecting songs and editing playlists.

    The Aurender Series Music Archiving and Playback Systems will be launched in the latter part of May 2011 and consists of four models – A10, S10, S30 and R10. All models are designed to be used with high quality DACs and have AES/EBU, Coaxial and Optical outputs. The S30 model offers an IIS connection and the R10 model has a digital I/O for master clock (10Mhz).

    Other features include Linux OS customized for audio applications, uncompressed and lossless formats, up to 24 bit/192 kHz resolution, fanless design and precision machined aluminum case and parts designed to protect sensitive components from electromagnetic noise and vibrations. In addition, the Aurender has LAN and USB connections for transfer of music files from external storage devices or PCs.

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    About Widealab Incorporated 

    Widealab was established in January of 2011 and is based in Seongnam, South Korea. Incorporating the latest technological advances, Widealab products include the newly launched Aurender Series Digital Music Systems for archiving and playback of digital collections. Widealab is a subsidiary of the Wonik Group which is listed on the Korea Stock Exchange and is made up of engineers with decades of experience in the design, development and manufacture of audio, visual and communications products for the Wonik Group.

    Aurender is a registered trademark of Widealab Incorporated. iPad is registered trademark of Apple Inc.