Beaverton, OR- AURALiC LTD., North America, the high-performance electronics company best known for its development of audio streamers, servers, and DACs for the high-end audio market, has announced today it will make significant changes to its sales and distribution channel in the United States and Canada.

AURALiC is ending its relationships with most of its current retailers and focusing the lion’s share of its efforts on supporting its customers directly, selling their products on the US AURALiC website.

Noting changes in technology, and how audiophiles and music lovers alike want to purchase products, combined with the complexity of network audio for residential use, as reasons for the change, AURALiC Director of Marketing in North America, Alex Brinkman said:

“We want to continue fostering a close relationship with the high-end community, and while we value the efforts of retailers, many residential networks are complex enough that we need to be directly available to, and connected with, members of the community so they are able to use our products and enjoy music in a simple, hassle-free manner.”

When asked about AURALiC North America’s plans to sell its products through the traditional high-end audio dealer network, Mr. Brinkman did say:

“We plan to hire a very select few dealers to represent the AURALiC brand. AURALiC will look to dealers who are well-versed in, and passionate about digital, network-based audio to sell and support our line of products.”

Up until today, AURALiC sold its products through approximately thirty dealers in the US and Canada. As of now, AURALiC products are available on their US website.


Founded in 2009, AURALiC LIMITED has established a worldwide reputation for creating innovative digital audio components of the highest quality. AURALiC’s elegantly-crafted products combine classic analog designs with cutting-edge digital technologies to blaze pathways into the future of high-end audio.

AURALiC’s seamlessly integrated hardware and control software provide effortless command of high-resolution music playback throughout the home. Whether streaming from Internet services or local music collections, AURALiC components let you discover, share and connect like never before, expanding the horizons of your audio system with new levels of functionality and performance.