Audio-Technica Headphones Make Holiday Listening and Gift-Giving Memorable

STOW, OH, October 28, 2014 – There’s nothing like listening to your favorite music through great-sounding headphones for a totally immersive sonic experience. And when it comes to high-quality sound, nobody is as passionate about headphones as Audio-Technica. This holiday season, Audio-Technica makes giving the gift of music easy, fun and affordable with its stylish, smartphone-compatible SonicFuel® ATH-CKX5iS and ATH-AX1iS, SonicSport® ATH-CKP200iS and QuietPoint® ATH-ANC70 noise-cancelling headphones

All the high-value, smartphone-friendly models have a microphone and controls that work with Apple® iPhone®, iPad®, iPod®, and other compatible smartphones and portable devices from companies like Samsung, HTC and more, letting wearers answer calls, control media and adjust volume. They’re designed for maximum comfort and are available in colors from basic black to dazzlingly bold

Every day is a listening holiday with the SonicFuel ATH-CKX5iS (SRP: US$49.95) in-ear headphones. The ATH-CKX5iS combines total comfort with outstanding sound quality and smartphone compatibility. It features Audio-Technica’s exclusive 360-degree rotating eartips that adjust to the angles of the listener’s ear canals, helping to create a comfortable, perfect seal for maximum bass impact and sound isolation. The ATH-CKX5iS comes with four sizes of eartips (XS, S, M and L) and three sizes of ergonomic C-tip earpieces that nestle in the ear for a stay-in-place fit. It’s available in black, white, red, blue and green and comes with a carrying pouch

Looking for the perfect gift for over-ear headphone enthusiasts? You can’t beat the SonicFuel ATH-AX1iS (SRP: US$39.95). It combines colorful, contemporary design with 36 mm drivers for clear, dynamic audio quality and swiveling cushioned ear pads for a comfortable fit. The smartphone-compatible ATH-AX1iS comes in black, white, red with black trim, blue with black trim, and gray with green accents

Audio-Technica’s SonicSport ATH-CKP200iS ear hook-style in-ear headphones are perfect for active people this holiday season and year round. The superior-sounding, smartphone-capable ATH-CKP200iS (SRP: US$44.95) has an IPX5 lab-certified waterproof rating and is sweat-proof and washable. Its hinged ear hook adjusts around the ears for a perfect fit. Its handy, cord-mounted in-line remote control lets the wearer control music track selection and volume on the fly, without having to reach for their smartphone or portable music player

Available in black, yellow, red and blue, the ATH-CKP200iS comes with both standard silicone XS/S/M/L and ridged S/M/L eartips to provide a choice of greater sound isolation or allowing in a low amount of ambient sound for greater safety outdoors

When it’s time to take a break from the holiday hustle and bustle – or the distractions and noise of everyday life – the QuietPoint ATH-ANC70 provides up to 90% noise cancellation. It includes a mic and controller for answering calls and controlling music, completely integrated electronics with all functionality built into the earcup, and a comfort-fit design. Placing the mic in the earcup rather than on the cable keeps the wearer’s speech volume consistent while talking and eliminates noise from cable motion or rubbing on a collar

The ATH-ANC70 offers superior noise-cancellation performance, letting listeners enjoy the music, and just the music, with exceptional audio quality. The headphones’ large 40 mm drivers deliver clear, detailed sound with impactful bass and precise imaging in an immersive sound field. The ATH-ANC70 (SRP: US$199.95) also works when the noise-cancelling function is turned off, and operates in passive mode without batteries. The detachable cord enables the ATH-ANC70 to be used as cordless noise-cancelling headphones. The ATH-ANC70 comes with a hard carrying case, a 1/4-inch adapter and airline adapter

SonicFuel ATH-CKX5iS

SonicFuel ATH-AX1iS

SonicSport ATH-CKP200iS

QuietPoint ATH-ANC70

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