Audience Introduces Its AIT1 Ultra-Balanced Line Transformer

San Marcos, CA, July 9, 2013Audience today announced the introduction of its AIT1 Ultra-Balanced Line Transformer, a 1:1 ratio, line-level transformer designed for superior isolation, extremely wide bandwidth and superior sound quality with the highest resolution and lowest distortion.

AIT1_for_EnFlyer“We created the AIT1 to be the finest isolation transformer available,” said John McDonald, president of Audience. “Because of its ability to block noise while preserving the integrity of the original signal, a transformer can provide a number of advantages in place of an active circuit including a greatly reduced number of circuit components, enhanced performance through better isolation, better signal balance, proper conversion between single-ended and balanced and a shorter signal path – in addition to reducing most forms of noise, which always results in better sound.”

The Audience AIT1 is built using the finest materials and most advanced construction techniques. It offers extremely wide bandwidth and high input/output isolation. The AIT1 utilizes 100% Ohno monocrystal copper windings and monocrystal external leads along with an 80% nickel-alloy core for high resolution and low distortion. Due to its precision winding balance and with the accuracy in which its input and output coils are matched, the AIT1 has an exceptional CMRR (common-mode rejection ratio) throughout the audio band, equal to or greater than 125dB from 20Hz – 1kHz. (In brief, CMRR is a measure of a component’s ability to reject noise.) Even at 20kHz the CMRR is 94dB.

The AIT1 can be used in single-ended or balanced input or output applications, and for single-ended to balanced conversion or vice versa. Its humbucking construction dramatically reduces 60Hz outside noise and its Mu-metal enclosure provides an additional 30dB of electromagnetic noise suppression. The AIT1 also protects amplifiers from potentially harmful DC and sonically degrading RF (radio frequency). “The AIT1 is ideal for solving the meanest problems with picking up hum and buzz,” McDonald noted.

Even the minutest details have been attended to in the design of the AIT1. All of the wires to the internal shield foils are spot-welded for long-term reliability, as is the case with all Audience transformers. This wire bonding technique is also necessary to retain the ideal balance between windings – soldering the shield leads would result in lumps in the transformer coils as they are built up, resulting in uncontrollable and unwanted variations.

More information about the Audience AIT1 is available at and a white paper is available at

The Audience AIT1 Ultra-Balanced Line Transformer is currently shipping. Please consult the Audience white paper for pricing.

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