Ideally suited for commercial or residential applications where detailed, full-range sound is required to accompany any flat-panel display

Napa, CA, January 23rd, 2018 – James Loudspeaker, designers and manufacturers of the highest quality décor-friendly entertainment products for both residential and commercial applications, has introduced a series of 2.1 sound bars, producing left and right-channel audio as well as bass energy from a center-mounted built-in sub-woofer. These LR-S format sound bars, which can be customized to match nearly any flat-panel display, are ideal for bringing clarity and full-range sound to applications where an external subwoofer is impractical.

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James Loudspeaker initially engineered the LR-S sound bar solutions based on market demand from commercial integrators seeking premium audio for boardrooms, conference rooms, lobbies, retail showrooms and nightclubs. Residential integrators also have adopted the LR-S format for bedrooms and other zones where a flat-panel TV is present but surround sound is not required. Currently available in the company’s SPL5, SPL6 and SPL8 Series sound bars, the LR-S versions offer high-output, superb clarity and bass extension below 60Hz from nearly any size form factor.

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The 2.1 configuration of the LR-S sound bars make them a perfect match to the James Loudspeaker A2.1 three-channel amplifier, which features onboard crossovers and independent controls for easy system calibration.

James Loudspeaker sound bars are built from elegant aircraft-grade aluminum for strength, sonic performance and durability when used for outdoor or marine applications. Each sound bar features proprietary aluminum cone woofers and either aluminum or beryllium dome quad tweeters for unsurpassed dispersion and musicality. All LR-S sound bars can be custom fit and painted to match any display or décor.

Each bar comes with a matching aluminum perforated grille. LR-S sound bars can be mounted directly to any TV for a seamless presentation or wall-mounted using available brackets. Like all products from James Loudspeaker, LR-S 2.1 sound bars are fully customizable to suit any commercial or residential application.

The James Loudspeaker LR-S sound bars are available now through authorized James Loudspeaker integrators. MSRP pricing starts at $3500.

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About James Loudspeaker: James Loudspeaker™ designs and manufactures high-performance speakers for residential and commercial applications. James offers a vast array of architectural speakers along with built-to-suit solutions that minimize visual presence while delivering the finest sound quality for indoor, outdoor and marine audio systems. Engineered and manufactured in Napa, CA since 1999, James Loudspeaker products are sold and installed through the finest custom integration specialists worldwide.