DarbeeVision’s 4K/UHD DARBEE Visual Presence solution will be showcased at the DarbeeVision Booth (South Hall #21663) at CES 2016, Las Vegas.

DarbeeVision Inc, the leading developer of brain-based video processing solutions, is pleased to announce its long-awaited native 4K/UHD DARBEE Visual Presence (DVP) solution. DVP takes even the best-looking 4K/UHD pictures or videos and makes them appear to have new and profound levels of depth, clarity and realism. DVP processing is an approach that that no other capture or display system can achieve – DVP works by embedding natural depth cues that allow our eyes to see flat digital images the way they actually look in real life. DVP works in unison with High Dynamic Range, upscaling and all other video processing and display methods to bring the very best natural-looking picture quality to consumers.

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"DARBEE Visual Presence is unique. It provides innovative, elegant qualities of depth enhancement and image clarity, regardless of the limitations of the video chain fidelity or display hardware that comes before or after," says DarbeeVision President Larry Pace. "New 4K/UHD content and display hardware may provide more pixels, more colors, more contrast, brighter back lights, and better dynamic range, yet what you end up with is a beautiful but flat image. Because our solution is so successful at improving the ultimate and illusive qualities of depth and realism for 4K/UHD, we once again prove that DVP is both unprecedented and entirely without peer. "

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About 4K/UHD DARBEE Visual Presence Technology:

* ● 4K/UHD DVP IP is validated for hardware in the Altera Aria II GX FPGA device
* ● 4K/UHD DVP IP can be implemented in FPGA, ASIC, or SoC hardware

The IP processing is:

* 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution
* 30 bits/color (probably, maybe 24)
* YUV color space
* HDMI 2.0 compliant
* HDCP 2.2 compliant

How to implement DVP 4K/UHD IP in a design:

* 4K/UHD DVP chip set will be available directly from DarbeeVision
* Integration support will be provided by DarbeeVision

DarbeeVisionAbout DarbeeVision Inc. – Formed in 2009 as a privately held company, DarbeeVision Inc. is headquartered in Orange, California, USA. DarbeeVision has developed proprietary technologies that bring revolutionary and never-before-seen levels of depth and realism to digital images, including 4K/UHD. By integrating DARBEE Visual Presence into existing digital image media devices, pictures can be made better than what even the most perfect cameras and displays can achieve — much better in fact, by using computation to process images in the same way the brain does.

DarbeeVision is offering its technologies for consumer electronics product integrations. DarbeeVision’s technologies are also available to OEMs as IP for licensing. For information call 714-787-1006, email [email protected], or visit www.DarbeeVision.com