ViewSonic enters the home theater market with its PX747-4K Ultra HD DLP Projector.

ViewSonic PX747-4K Ultra HD DLP Projector

It features true 3840×2160 resolution from a quad-shifting DLP chip. It also supports HDR10 and pumps out a bright 3500 lumens. I’m very familiar with ViewSonic’s computer monitors but this is my first chance to review a projector from them.

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While new to me, ViewSonic is not new to the projector market. They have successfully marketed a large line of boardroom models in various resolutions, ranging in price from $500 to over $3000. The PX747-4K has its roots in the corporate world but carries some definite home theater credibility.

I’ve seen the same .47” DMD chip in other projectors like the BenQ HT2550 and the Optoma UHD51A which I expect to receive soon. Native resolution is 1920×1080 pixels but shifts four times per frame at the pixel level to increase perceived resolution to the Ultra HD level. It dispenses with the refractor seen in Epson and JVC’s shift feature so it not only transmits more light, it has an even smaller gap between pixels.

Initial setup shows a phenomenally sharp image from edge to edge. With only a single imaging chip, the PX747-4K has none of the convergence issue seen in three-chip LCD and LCoS designs. It also offers tremendous output, 3500 lumens to be exact. I measured over 400 nits in HDR mode which is quite impressive for a $1500 projector.

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I’m looking forward to the days of testing and viewing ahead as I delve into the secrets of ViewSonic’s PX747-4K Ultra HD DLP Projector. Watch this space for my full review appearing in a few weeks.

ViewSonic PX747-4K Ultra HD DLP Projector Angle View