Good stocking stuffers must have everything in the box complete and ready to go.

Topping D10 USB Streaming DAC and Streaming USB-SPDIF Converter

No batteries required. The Topping D10 USB Streaming DAC qualifies and it may be just the right thing when gift shopping for the audiophile in your life.

Topping D10 USB Streaming DAC and Streaming USB-SPDIF Converter Front

A quick list of some of the things that make the Topping D10 Streaming DAC so compelling:

  • Up to 32-bit/384-Samples/Sec PCM via USB.
  • USB input. Coax, TOSLINK digital and RCA analog outputs.
  • Proper electrical certifications for the USA and the European Union.
  • Build quality is extraordinary for the price.
  • Almost 19-bit equivalent Signal to Noise in Secrets bench test.
  • $90.00!

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The D10 works out of the box with Windows High-Resolution Up-Sampling Drivers. Set it up properly and you will see the up-sampler display up to 384 kHz on the Topping D10.

Something to keep in mind when considering a true bang-for-the-buck audio purchase from the sea of available options is that Topping is a real company, not some fly-by-night group on eBay. They have gone through the effort, and cost, to get proper certifications which is not a small thing. Topping is not to be confused with many China-sourced audio products that can be found on eBay or through Amazon third-party sellers. These sources are to be avoided. The Wall Street Journal has had many investigative pieces on unsafe and/or counterfeit products available from Amazon 3rd parties.

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David Rich, being a true Geek, had the Spectrum Analyzer connected on day one. He verified high resolution to 192-samples / sec using the free Groove Music player built into Windows 10. He also will be using Foobar in his upcoming tests and analysis. Amazing performance at the price, he says. Look for a thorough review with measurements in the near future on the Secrets website.

Stay tuned!