The Theory Audio Design surround system uses a cleverly designed amp controller that allows the end-user to configure the Theory system to the listening room.

Theory Audio Design Overview

Theory Audio Design

Theory Audio Design has brought an innovative way to incorporate a high-performance surround sound system into the end-users listening room. The controller amp of this system, the ALC-1809 can be optimized via the downloadable software for all the Theory speakers. Theory speaker parameters like crossover, and delay, and subwoofer levels can be selected. Besides the flexibility of having either on-wall or in-wall main speaker options, the end-user has the option of choosing either 12” or 15” subwoofers. I, fortunately, received the 15” model, the sub15. For the review, I also received five of the surface mount sb25 speakers.

Although Theory Audio Design may not be a familiar name, the folks behind Theory have been providing exceptional pro audio sound, and high-end sound in the past. Theory promises to provide a flexible, easy-to-use configuration system via their new software and their controller amp in combination with their speakers. Not being a computer wiz myself, I will see how this plays out for me. I am very interested in hearing the sound produced by double 15” woofers in my room. Size, and excursion matter after all if one wants to be physically engaged with the music and or film. Stay tuned.