For many audiophiles, Stax Electrostatic headphones are the holy grail of personal listening.

Stax SR-L700MKII Hero

The Stax line has been around for decades, and I had a pair of Lambda Electrostatic headphones way back in my college days. Stax continues to improve the sound of what they call their Earspeakers, both in audio quality and in build quality.

Stax SR-L700MKII Earspeaker

I spent several days listening to high quality music files on these new Stax Earspeakers, and in many cases it was like hearing the music for the first time. I have plenty of expensive and high quality headphones, but the Stax SR-L700 MKII was really a step above what I’ve heard from my own headphones and at Hi-Fi Shows.

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Secrets Sponsor

At $2600, almost triple the cost of headphones I own, how good can the Stax Earspeakers be, and how do they compare with some of the finest headphones on offer from other manufacturers? Find out in my upcoming review.