I first encountered Starke Sound at CES a couple of years ago.

Starke Sound Halo

I’d never heard of the independent, California-based company before, but that’s part of the fun of going to audio shows; discovering new things! They were demonstrating a Dolby ATMOS home theater setup based on their Halo series of speakers. The loudspeakers definitely stood out, initially, because of the bold blue automotive paint finish, “Sapphire Blue” they call it. But they also caught my attention due to the impressive sound quality that they projected from a music concert Blu-Ray disc that was playing. It was one of the more memorable surround demos from that show.

Starke Sound Halo Elite Home Theater System First Look
Starke A7 MkII Multichannel Amplifier

Fast forward to now and Starke has sent a slightly more modest, but no less impressive looking, Halo based home theater system in for review. The system is comprised of: a pair of IC-H5 Elite tower speakers, an IC-H5C Elite center channel speaker, two IW-H5 Elite on wall speakers (for surrounds) and a single SUB35 subwoofer for bass duties. Funny enough, all are painted that same “Sapphire Blue” color, except for the subwoofer which is a screaming shade of “Candy Apple Red”. And just to ensure that the review speakers received adequate amounts of power, Starke kindly sent along one of their A7 MKII seven channel power amplifiers to sweeten the pot…gild the lily…insert clever phrase here! The A7 MKII is a behemoth of an amplifier that puts out 240 watts into 8 ohms and 480 watts into 4 ohms, times seven. It looks like it could successfully heat my basement over the winter months as well….I’ll let you know!

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These are probably the largest (or is that most intimidating) speakers that I have had in my home theater, ever! Look for a detailed review to appear on the website in the near future.

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