The Sonus faber Sonetto VIII loudspeakers are an upscale member of Sonus faber’s new Sonetto economy line.

Sonus faber Sonetto VIII Loudspeakers Preview

They are intended to achieve a more modest price point than some previous Sonus faber products. But you wouldn’t know that to look or listen to them – walnut veneer, excellent sound, and “Made in Italy” elegance make you think that these could be Sonus faber’s flagships.

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From the aluminum outriggers to the embossed leather top cap, the Sonettos surprise. With three aluminum woofers, a pulp-composite midrange, and an excellent soft-dome tweeter, the speakers can play more loudly than you should listen – even in a large room. The speakers’ clever downward-firing port maintains the sleek lines and extends the bass significantly. Dual jumpers on the terminals allow for bi-wiring or bi-amplification.

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The Sonus faber Sonetto VIII is available in black, white, or walnut and offers performance that surprises on many fronts. See the upcoming full review for additional details.