Back in April, I received a press release from the famed Italian speaker company, Sonus faber that really raised an eyebrow.

They would shortly be releasing a speaker line that would establish a new entry point to the Sonus faber brand. This new line, dubbed “Principia,” would borrow much of its design from Sonus faber’s Chameleon series but would leave out the interchangeable side panels in lieu of a simple black vinyl covering. The Principias would be manufactured in Sonus faber’s facility in China alongside the Chameleon and Venere ranges. Prices start at $549/pair for the Principia 1, a small 2-way bookshelf; and range up to $1,499/pair for the three-way floor standing Principia 7. There’s even a matching center channel at $349 to complete a multi-channel setup. I immediately requested a pair of $699/pair Principia 3s, the largest bookshelf model in the range and have been breaking them in over the past month. The Principia 3 is a two-way design with a 180mm (roughly 7.1in) mid-woofer and a 29mm (1.14in) fabric dome tweeter. The design is typical Sonus faber – that is to say not typical at all. Even at this relatively low price range, the team from Arcugnano has managed to create a speaker that stands out from the crowd with a modern, yet classy design.

Sonus faber Principia 3 Preview

Initial Impressions:

Upon taking them out of the box, I was immediately impressed by the overall look and construction of the Principia 3s. While already familiar with what Sonus faber’s Chinese plant could accomplish (I’ve got a set of Venere Walls being utilized as back surrounds in my media room), I was still impressed by how well-made the Principias appeared. After all, these are only half the price of my Venere Walls. Initial listening sessions have revealed to me that the Principias certainly fit in with Sonus faber’s house sound which focuses on accuracy without sacrificing musicality.

Stay Tuned:

The press release for the Principias stated, “Perfect sound is a right for all music lovers.” I should have my review wrapped up within a few weeks. We’ll see if the Principia 3s can bring that perfect sound to a new price point for Sonus faber.

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