Six Acoustic is a small audio concern out of Ajax, Ontario Canada (just east of Toronto).

Six Acoustic York Phono Preamp lifestyle

The owner Steve Meszlenyi, who helped start the company with his father in 1986, has a physics background and a love for audio. The company originally focused more on industrial audio applications but made a recent shift to serve the consumer Hi-Fi market. While the company is currently developing a Class D stereo power amplifier, the York Phono Preamplifier is their first fully formed Hi-Fi product.

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Six Acoustic York Phono Preamp

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The Six Acoustic York phono preamp is a modestly sized, aluminum cased component that, according to the manufacturer, is designed to perform on par with moderately more expensive MM/MC phono preamps. For the price ($499.00 CAD), it looks to have an excellent level of flexibility to suit almost any cartridge pairing. When I spoke with Steve to get a little background information on the York, he reiterated the point that the company designed the York phono preamp to be a high-value component whose performance punches well above its price class. Stay tuned to the Secrets website for a full review, with bench tests, to see if the York phono preamp makes good on its claims.