The Runwell Turntable by Shinola brings together a high level of styling and craftsmanship with great analog performance in a complete, simple to use package. Want more? The Shinola Runwell is designed, developed, and manufactured in Detroit, Michigan U.S.A.!

Shinola Runwell Turntable

While this may be Shinola’s first entry into the audio market, the brand and their products (watches, leather goods, etc.) have been around for a long time. To some, it may be easy to discount the quality and performance of a company’s inaugural product.

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But when you’re talking about Shinola, their business philosophy is built upon designing and manufacturing at the highest level that they can. They embrace the concept of the customer experience, and when you combine that with beautiful styling and craftsmanship, you gain a very loyal following.

With the Runwell Turntable as their first audio product, the Shinola Audio team, under the leadership of Alex Rosson (Founder of Audeze headphones), designed and engineered every detail with legendary American turntable maker VPI.

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Not only is the Runwell Turntable an absolute work of art that would easily fit into any décor, it’s an analog solution that is completely plug & play as long as you have equipment with analog inputs. It plays both 33 1/3 and 45 rpm records, has a built-in phono pre-amplifier, and comes pre-mounted with an Ortofon 2M blue moving-magnet cartridge. And at about 40lbs, it’s built like a tank.

So stay tuned as we put the Shinola Runwell Turntable through its paces, and report our findings to the readers of SECRETS.

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  • Carlo Lo Raso

    That is a pretty looking turntable!

  • hemo

    Hi Carlo , you are the reason i joined this form 🙂
    i would like to ask you a Q , iam on the fence off buying an AV receiver for my dedicated movie room ( with treated walls and bass traps ) it will be 7.2.4 and running 9-ch power amp , my Q is should i go with the Yamaha RX-A3060 or Anthem AVR720 ? ( i only be using it for Movies and really like the in your face effect and surround effect especially from the over head ( atmos / DTS:X ) ,
    ( a detailed answer would be amazing on which one to go for ) , and my speakers are the new klipsch RP range with 2 SVS subs ,
    Thank you so much for your time 🙂

  • Carlo Lo Raso

    Hi Hemo,
    Glad you could join us on the forum! I’ll be right upfront and say that I am partial to the Anthem receivers because I’ve had very positive experiences with them and their ARC room correction capabilities in my own home theater. I have not had a chance to sample any of the Yamaha receivers yet, but I understand them to have very good amplifier sections and many people I’ve heard, swear by them. Since you mentioned that you’ll be using this mostly for movie watching and that you consider the surround and extra height effects of really big importance, then I think I would probably give the nod to the Yamaha for your application. After looking at the features and specs of both, the Yamaha may give you more flexibility with tweaking the surround effects more to your liking. If you had told me that music was a big part of your listening as well, I probably would have leaned more to the Anthem. Either way, I think you have two, really good options to choose from.