What if I said you could buy a Class A-B amplifier that will give you 100W into 8 ohms, and a preamplifier with balanced inputs and outputs that lets you run with and without tubes and includes a remote control, both for $1598? Well, Schiit Audio says you can.

Schiit Audio Freya and Preamplifier and Vidar Amplifier

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Their new “intelligent” Class A-B stereo/mono power amplifier, the Vidar, sells for $699. And their new passive or active, solid-state or tube, balanced and remoted-controlled (is that enough features for you?) preamplifier, the Freya+, sells for $899.

Schiit Audio Freya Preamplifier

That is an impressive number of features and possibilities for a surprisingly low price of $1598. It’s also quite a big pile of promises. Does Schiit deliver on these promises with these two new components? I intend to find out. I’ll run them both in as many different configurations I can, with different types of speakers and sources, and compare them to several different amplifiers and preamplifiers, many of which far exceed their selling price.

Schiit Audio Freya Amplifier

Do you think these new Schiit Audio components can make good on these promises? Stand by for a full review of them both!

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