RBH Sound out of Layton Utah, has been around for over 45 years now and while maybe not instantly on the tip of everyone’s tongue, we’ve all heard of them and we all agree that they know their stuff.

RBH Sound PM-8 Active Studio Monitor Closeup

Traditionally a manufacturer of passive speakers, RBH has entered the realm of pro audio with the introduction of the PM-8 Active Studio Monitors. The company claims that it has been approached numerous times over the years by customers familiar with the quality of their home products to come up with something of commensurate quality for the studio world. And come up with something they did! So why am I reviewing a pair of professional monitors? It’s not like I own a music studio or anything. Well, I heard the PM-8 prototypes at a CEDIA demo last year and I thought they had some serious potential.

RBH Sound PM-8 Active Studio Monitor

The AMT tweeter and the beefy 8-inch driver from their Signature Series of speakers look like an unusual and intriguing driver combination. And RBH offers decorative composite side panels for the PM-8’s to both help in reducing cabinet vibrations and to make them a little more visually appealing for home use. The PM-8’s also have 8 DSP presets for various placement and listening configurations that make them a bit more flexible than your run-of-the-mill home speaker.

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Can a pair of active loudspeakers tailored for a professional studio environment be equally suited for home use? Stay tuned for a complete review, along with measurements, to appear on the Secrets website in the near future.