PrismSound is a UK based digital audio manufacturer known best for their professional recording hardware used in recording studios around the world.

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Their products include digital recorders, editing workstations, test and measurement equipment and, most relevant for this review, multi-channel DACs and ADCs. Their modular ADA-8XR multichannel AD/DA converter unit is a benchmark for high quality ADCs and DACs in the recording industry. PrismSound has recently turned their pro audio skills to the consumer high end market with the new Callia DAC. This DAC takes advantage of PrismSound’s engineering capabilities to put a lot of that pro audio technology into a consumer DAC. The Callia offers 24 bit PCM at up to 384 kHz sampling rate (32 bit for the USB input), plus DSD up to DSD128. All inputs take advantage of PrismSound’s CleverClox hybrid PLL clocking circuitry with very low jitter, better than 50 ppm. The analog signal path is fully balanced, with a defeatable volume control for the preamp outputs in addition to a high quality headphone amplifier with a real analog volume control.

PrismSound Callia DAC Preview

Everything about the Callia, from the engineering and build quality to the features offered says “professional,” without any audiophile silliness. My initial testing shows that the sound quality is excellent, though. A full review expounding on how excellent, will appear here soon.

PrismSound Callia DAC Back

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