Although it’s always fun and exciting to review the latest piece of high-end audio gear, in the real world most people tend to be far more modest with their discretionary Hi-Fi purchases.

NAD/PSB Desktop 2-Channel System First Look

The good news is that there are a lot of choices these days in great sounding audio equipment that won’t bust your budget and that is flexible enough to meet several different needs.

Lenbrook has kindly provided us a selection of approachable NAD and PSB gear to create a high performance yet easy to live with system. The intention is to meet the needs of the budding audiophile, the music-loving urban dweller with limited square footage, or really anyone looking for a simple yet great-sounding system. The components are the NAD D3045 Hybrid Digital Amplifier, the NAD C558 turntable, the NAD VISO HP70 Wireless Bluetooth headphones, the PSB Imagine XB bookshelf speakers and the PSB Subseries 250 powered subwoofer. My 17-year old son Peter Lo Raso, will be evaluating this system as his first real and complete audio system of substance.

Look for a full review to appear on the Secrets website in the near future.