I find it beyond ironic that in today’s resurgence of analogue audio and vinyl in particular, that we quietly, confidently, move forward with digital music, hating to say, the TRUE future of music playback.

I’m a vinyl lover, always will be as there is nothing more gratifying than an evening with several albums on your lap, a glass of wine and the music.

NAD M50.2 Media player front large

But NAD makes digital sexy and alluring! Taking my analogue hat off for the moment, I’m just absolutely stoked about reviewing the new Media Player from NAD Electronics!

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What is the NAD M50.2 Digital Music Player? A handsome computer exclusively for music; it has software, hardware, storage, a touch panel screen, a CD drive, and connects to the internet – Steve Jobs couldn’t have envisioned it any better. It combines the legacy NAD M50 Digital Music Player and the M52 Digital Music Vault into one all-digital component.

NAD M50.2 Media player full back

NAD M50.2 Media player phone menu

The M50.2 incorporates the use of Wifi, Bluetooth aptX, Streaming, BluOS (Bluesound) and USB connectivity. The main premise is to play high-resolution audio with sampling rates up to 192kHz and bit depths up to 24 bits. In fact it will rip CD’s into 24bit/192kHz and store them on a 2TB drive with a mirrored backup. It will play literally every audio file out there including the new MQA format.

Using the available app for your phone or tablet, stream virtually any online service, the short list includes Tidal, Spotify and HighResAudio along with internet radio. Using the HDMI output, you can view your selections on your larger display.

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What you will need besides free time is a DAC, an amplifier and speakers!

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