At the most recent CEDIA Expo, I got a chance to see and hear NAD’s new M32 Direct Digital Amplifier, part of the Masters Series.

It’s a two-channel integrated design with 150 watts-per-channel and a Modular Design Construction (MDC) feature that accepts additional inputs and/or a BluOS module.

NAD M32 DirectDigital Amplifier Front View

For those who don’t know, BluOS is a whole-house audio and streaming solution from Bluesound. If you want an alternative to Sonos, this is a great choice. Not only can you stream content from the Internet, you can also connect via Bluetooth or stream from a home media server.

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When I requested the M32, I was offered a BluOS module and gladly accepted. This additional part adds a lifestyle element to an audiophile-grade component. On its own, the M32 is a fantastic amplifier capable of reference-quality sound. With both digital and analog inputs, plus a phono stage, it can easily anchor a high-end system. BluOS simply brings more content to the party. With the amp jacked into my Wi-Fi network, I can play iHeartRadio or Spotify as easily as spinning a CD, and control the whole thing from my smartphone.

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Of course sound quality is NAD’s top priority. To that end, they’ve included their latest amplification technology that keeps the signal in the digital domain right up to the speaker outputs. All volume and tone control functions are performed with software rather than sound-altering analog potentiometers. The result is virtually non-existent distortion and a damping factor that exceeds pretty much anything at any price.

I’m really looking forward to checking the M32 Direct Digital Amplifier out over the next few weeks.

NAD M32 DirectDigital Amplifier Rear View

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