NAD’s Masters Series M28 Seven-Channel Power Amplifier is an amazing component that delivers a continuous 200 watts per channel into seven channels, drives any speaker load, and does it without breaking a sweat.

NAD M28 Seven Channel Power Amplifier

I’ve just received one for review and I’m already amazed after having just unpacked it. At a good bit less than 50 pounds, it weighs less than most AV receivers and is smaller in size. That seven channels are packed into it is a true achievement in design and technology. It’s Class D with amp modules designed by Purifi in Denmark and manufactured by NAD. They’re called Eigentakt and they are new on the market. They can also be found in NAD’s M33 streaming amplifier as a two-channel configuration.

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The M28 is a balanced amp so I made use of its seven XLR inputs and connected it to an Integra DHC-80.1 processor and a set of Axiom speakers: LFR1100s up front (two channels each), a VP180 center and a pair of QS8 surrounds. It also has single-ended inputs selectable by a tiny toggle switch for each channel. A 12v trigger input lets me turn on the Integra and NAD components together and a grounded power cord is provided.

Initial listening is beyond favorable. The M28 can play to volumes far beyond what’s safe without distortion or breakup. And apparently without heat either. Even blasting a few tracks from a Foo Fighters CD didn’t raise the amp’s temperature above ambient. This is accomplished with minimal heat sinks and no fans.

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I’ll be spending lots of time with the M28 in the coming weeks. Look for my full review coming soon!