Mytek has introduced their new Liberty DAC and headphone amplifier. This is the first of the Liberty products from Mytek that are intended to be “one-use, but done very well” components.

Mytek Liberty DAC and Headphone Amplifier

The Liberty DAC and headphone amp was originally designed with studio applications in mind, but popular demand in this category should make it a successful consumer-audio offering as well.

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The three-watt headphone amplifier is designed for difficult-to-drive headphones, and has low output impedance for greater flexibility. Because the Mytek Liberty DAC and headphone amplifier is not intended for portable (personal) use, it does not need battery power. But curiously, a 12-volt power supply input jack is provided, and Mytek states that a high-current, 12-volt source (such as an automobile battery) may provide better performance than the standard AC supply.

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Perhaps of greater interest, the Mytek Liberty DAC is designed with full-hardware-implementation of the MQA decoding hardware. This is a valuable addition to those eager to try the new format. The DAC also handles high-bitrate stereo audio streams as well as DSD input. Watch for the full review soon here on the Secrets site!