Have you longed for an easier way to achieve the best possible color from your display? Many flat panels and projectors have good built-in tools to dial in accuracy but nothing can compare to a LUT box.

I’ve recently received Murideo’s new Prisma Video Processor for review. It supports 3D Cube look-up tables which can contain up to 10,000 color-correction points for the most precise video calibration possible.

Murideo Prisma Video Processor

Most of the displays I review include calibration options like two-point grayscale adjustment, color management, and sometimes even a gamma curve editor. But these solutions always require some sort of compromise. Controls interact and perfect grayscale may mean sacrificing gamma accuracy or even contrast. What if there were a better way?

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The Prisma Video Processor interfaces with CalMAN to provide an automated calibration solution for any video signal chain. Once installed, you simply connect it to a network, plug a meter into your laptop and fire up the auto-cal routine. In a couple of hours, you’ll have created a high-resolution look-up table that takes color accuracy to whole new level.

Murideo Prisma Video Processor Inputs

The Prisma is a single-source product so it only works for one player and one display. But unlike competing video processors, it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. $999 will get some of the best color you’ve ever seen and a slick image enhancement feature called PrismaVue.

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I’ll be working with the Prisma in my reference theater in hopes of achieving truly spectacular calibration results.

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