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Earlier this year a local shop had a used version of the little brother to this guy, the Moon by Simaudio 610LP Phono Preamplifier show up. I took it home for what was supposed to be just the weekend to try it out.

I was so blown away I couldn’t bring it back that soon. I was agonizing about whether to just pick it up then and there or try out the big brother, the 810LP. Lionel Goodfield of Simaudio told me the 810 delivers about 20-25% “more” than the 610. I was having a hard time figuring what more there could be so after two hard weeks I let curiosity drive my decision to return the 610. I carefully crossed the bridge I had burnt by keeping it too long, handed it over and ordered up an 810LP for review.

Simaudio 810 - Top View

Initial Impressions

Someone wisely snatched up the 610 right away, but I have discovered there is a “more” and by my estimation it is more than 20-25%. I’ve long been harping about the superiority of vinyl playback over digital. I think this is settled now anyway so I’ll do my best to avoid going over that territory in the review but I can say this: I didn’t even know what I was talking about. I had not yet realized the amount of information and potential for musical blowed-away-ness that this format possesses. I have heard other phono stages of this caliber, or price range anyway, at hifi shows but there’s something about the rooms (that is, hotel rooms) at hifi shows that keeps the systems from achieving their potential.

Simaudio 810 - Front Top View

Stay Tuned

I guess you can tell already that it will be a positive review showing up in the next few weeks. I’ll be attempting to describe what the “more” is that people often use to describe an upgrade in the analog realm as well as some of the technical aspects of this 40lbs of phono stage.

See the complete review of the Moon by Simaudio 810LP Phono Preamplifier