The Monoprice Pure Tube Stereo Amplifier is available for the everyman’s price of only $359!

To my knowledge, it is the least expensive all-tube integrated amplifier currently sold in the U.S.A. by an American distributor. One may be able to order amps from China for slightly less, sight unseen, and with mostly unknown specifications, but Monoprice leads in my opinion for their customer service and quick shipping.

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Monoprice Pure Tube Stereo Amplifier

This integrated amp has a few limitations (as you might expect from the price) including:

  • No remote volume control
  • No headphone output
  • Only three input pairs (line, phono, and Wi-Fi)
  • And only 10 watts per channel

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But some of these things are not as limiting as you might think! With four-ohm capability and an honest 10 watts, this amp will play most speakers louder than you would want to listen unless you’re a true headbanger. Even better, the amp sounds good doing it!

Watch for the upcoming full review.