The McIntosh MA8900 integrated amplifier is a mixture of tradition and twenty-first century technology.

Surprisingly, the two mix exceptionally well. This muscular, solid-state integrated amplifier sports McIntosh’s famous autoformer-coupled outputs as well as the iconic glass face plate and big, blue power output meters. Additionally, the “built-like-a-tank” reputation of the McIntosh company is fully evident in the amplifier’s construction.

McIntosh MA8900 Integrated Amplifier - Front View

The McIntosh MA8900 integrated amplifier sounds clean, powerful, yet very light on its feet. This is a modern-sounding and highly-detailed amplifier that still retains just a hint of the midrange warmth that McIntosh is famous for. Features I’ll be checking out include a five-band tone control that’s easily controlled by large dials on the faceplate. I’ve also noticed the DAC is contained in its own, removeable module. That allows it to be upgraded making the amplifier future-proof.

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No matter what the impedance or efficiency of your speakers is, this 75-pound amplifier will deliver smooth, clean power. In a world of variables, the McIntosh MA8900 integrated amplifier with built-in DAC is a constant. Watch for the full review.

McIntosh MA8900 Integrated Amplifier - Listening Room