See the complete review of the MartinLogan Outdoor Living Series

MartinLogan has made their name by developing high end electrostatic speakers.


But they have been producing more and more dynamic speakers over the last several years. The Motion Series comes to mind as these speakers have garnered excellent reviews in the professional press as well as being a favorite among consumers.

MartinLogan has also produced the Installer Series of outdoor speakers which feature dynamic drivers. But now they are really stepping up their game big time with a new lineup of outdoor speakers they are calling the Outdoor Living Series. This is an uber high end outdoor sat/sub speaker system that features two sizes of satellites and two sizes of subwoofers.

I ordered four of the 6-inch satellites and one 12-inch subwoofer and installed them in my backyard. All systems come with a 1,000 watt Crown amplifier which has pre-programmed DSP settings specifically designed for the speaker system. The satellites can be run as 8 Ω or as a constant voltage, 70 volt set up. (The sub always runs at 8 Ω.)

There is a lot more to say about these so look for my detailed review soon. I have been able to enjoy this system for the last few weeks and it honestly makes me feel like a bona fide rock star. I love it!!

See the complete review of the MartinLogan Outdoor Living Series