The Lyngdorf MP-60 is on the crest of a coming wave of 16-channel immersive sound processors. It packs an astounding amount of audio horsepower in an elegant and surprisingly svelte chassis.

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MP-60 16-Channel Immersive Sound Processor

Lyngdorf designed, and assembles, the MP-60 in Denmark. The MP-60 is an unrepentantly digital immersive processor. It does not have a single analog input! However, there are copious digital inputs: 8x HDMI, 4x optical, 4x SPDIF coax, 1x USB, and a network player come standard, while 16-channel AES/EBU and Dante digital I/O are optional. Does the digital-only front end preclude vinyl? Not necessarily. More on that later…

MP-60 16-Channel Immersive Sound Processor Back

The undoubted star of the show here is Lyngdorf’s proprietary RoomPerfect room correction and equalization system. RoomPerfect was one of the pioneering digital room correction/equalization systems, and from the outset has garnered praise for natural and organic tonality. RoomPerfect is only available on Lyngdorf, Steinway, and select McIntosh processors.

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As expected for a cutting-edge processor, the MP-60 supports all the major immersive audio formats, and importantly for people like me who like their 2-channel music tastefully upmixed Auromatic is included. The video side is leading-edge as well: 4K60, Dolby Vision, eARC, etc.

The Lyngdorf MP-60 is comfortably ensconced in our media cabinet. Come back soon for a full review and measurements of this elite immersive sound processor.

MP-60 16-Channel Immersive Sound Processor Cabinets