No reference home theater would be complete without the Lumagen Radiance Pro 4K60 Video Processor.

With superb video processing, insanely flexible installation options, and a 17x17x17 lookup table for reference quality colorimetry, this processor is an absolute must-have. If you’re serious about reference video – not just good video – the Lumagen Radiance Pro 4K60 answers the call.

Lumagen Radiance Pro 4442 Video Processor

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I’ve been immersed in a variety of excellent video products that push the bar to achieve an absolute reference home video experience. With so many great products on the market to choose from, there truly are only a handful that push the envelope with innovation, customizable features, and top tier performance. Lumagen is one of those companies. Many readers have likely heard of them and of their superb video processors, but most don’t really know how it can be used to make any video system – old or new – the best possible.

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I’m previewing Lumagen’s Radiance Pro 4K60 video processor with support for legacy HD 1080p video, as wells as the current 4K, 60fps, HDR, and BT.2020 color features. Let me be clear here; this is not a product you can just drop in between your video sources, power on, and then walk away from. Anyone who considers the Lumagen Radiance 4K60 must have an installation need and/or a love for reference video. When configured properly, it significantly increases the entertainment value and ultimately the happiness of everyone in the room enjoying films and other forms of media.

Lumagen Radiance Pro 4442 Video Processor Back Panel

Improvements can range from appreciable to staggering depending on the current state of one’s video system installation. The Lumagen Radiance 4K60 will not add any edge halos during video upconversion. It makes switching aspect ratios easy for constant image height systems without the need to change lens settings. This device can also improve all systems with extremely precise grayscale and gamma adjustments to increase the accuracy of a display with less linear performance. Better still, a 4913-point 3D LUT for extreme color precision is possible just as seen in post production studios. The processor also acts as video switcher with a multitude of video inputs and outputs available depending on one’s needs. The product reviewed here is the Radiance Pro 4442, which has four video inputs and four processed video outputs. The list of customizable features seems endless and many of them will be explored within the upcoming review. The Lumagen Radiance Pro 4K60 is quite likely to solve some quirky problems within new and older video installations all the while adding a multitude of image quality enhancements that were never thought possible!