A legend dropped by in the form of the Klipsch Forte III late last week and I wondered; could the smaller Heritage floor standing speaker have the magic of the larger Klipsch Heritage siblings?

Klipsch Forte III


The Klipsch Forte has a long and distinguished history. Originally introduced in 1985, the Klipsch Forte has undergone three model upgrades. Since I have recently remodeled my listening room to a smaller space, I could no longer keep my beloved Klipsch Cornwalls. With the large Cornwalls gone, I have been looking for a replacement main speaker. A speaker that would be full range and would fit in my new listening room and that would fit in with my current system.

Would this new upgrade of Klipsch’s most popular floor standing speaker be enough to entice me back to horn type speakers? Would my 3.5 watt SET Magnavox amp be enough to push them? More importantly, could I be happy with them? I will let you know.

Look for full review to appear on the Secrets website soon.