Kaleidescape Strato Ultra HD Movie Player Preview

Ever since I read about Kaleidescape in the early 2000s, I have wanted to experience one of their movie players in my home.

Today, that wish came true when a Strato Ultra HD Movie Player was delivered. This is a premium component that sells for a premium price, but there is nothing else out there that can do what it does. The Strato is a movie server with either six or ten terabytes of storage. The latter is enough to hold 180 Ultra HD, 330 Blu-ray, or 1500 DVD titles. My review sample came loaded with 74 titles and sufficient space for 37 additional UHD, 50 Blu-ray, or 279 DVDs. It can also store music if one wishes. The player portion offers full support for 3840×2160 resolution with 12 bits-per-pixel. You also get HDR10 and extended color up to BT.2020. Every sound format is here too, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

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I recently installed a new JVC DLA-RS640 Ultra HD projector so this will be the perfect inaugural review for that superb display. I’ve already unpacked the Strato and installation consisted merely of hooking up two HDMI cables, one for video and one for audio, and plugging in the power. Video output is a full 18Gbps over the version 2.0a connection while audio works over a 1.4 jack. My Integra DHC-80.1 surround processor had no issues with the player’s bitstream output.

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The Strato is more than just a playback device. It also enhances the buying experience with Kaleidescape’s Movie Store. Once can choose from among thousands of titles, all downloadable at Blu-ray or Ultra HD quality that’s equal to what’s found on optical discs. My first impression? This is how entertainment should be. Read my full review in a few weeks to see just what our movie-watching future may hold.

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