All the latest buzz about 4K and Ultra HD centers around flat panels, but what about projectors? I’ve looked at JVC and Epson models coax Ultra HD from a 1080p light engine, but today I have a 4K-native display in my theater, JVC’s DLA-RS4500.

JVC DLA-RS4500 4K Projector Projector Front View

This massive unit includes every major display technology available today in a single chassis. At nearly 30” deep, 86lbs, and $35,000, it represents something of a commitment. But if you want to experience the bleeding edge, and one of the most stunning 4K/HDR images available, there is nothing better at the moment.

I’ve set up the RS4500 in my theater and will be doing a complete set of tests in both SDR and HDR modes. New gear has been added to my calibration kit that allows me to adjust the HDR10 mode which is what you’ll find on every Ultra HD Blu-ray release.

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The RS4500 boasts 3000 lumens output and tremendous installation flexibility from its all-new 100mm lens. Shift is 100% vertical and up to 48% horizontal with a zoom range of 1.4-2.8:1. It’s fully THX and ISF certified and offers 3D plus support for both HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma, an emerging broadcast standard. It will accept signals up to 4096×2160 at 60Hz. On top of all that, it features JVC’s second-generation BLU-Escent laser phosphor light engine. It employs 48 diodes and a static phosphor to produce high output with a 20,000-hour service life. On paper, it seems there is nothing this projector cannot do.

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With my new calibration gear in hand and a Philips Ultra HD Blu-ray player, I’m ready to dive head-first into the world of UHD and HDR. My review is shaping up to be a long one so if you want all the skinny on JVC’s technological wonder.

JVC DLA-RS4500 4K Projector Angle View

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