See the complete review of the GoldenEar Technology Dolby Atmos Speaker System

GoldenEar’s lineup of speakers have been receiving rave reviews for many years now, with just about every model winning multiple speaker of the year awards.

Sandy Gross and his team at GoldenEar have committed their research, development, and manufacturing to creating models that set the benchmark for their price points and beyond, so we decided to assemble an all-star lineup from them to create a complete 5.4.4 Dolby Atmos speaker system.

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While I was attending the AXPONA 2017 show this year in Chicago, I spent some time in the GoldenEar room speaking with Jack Shafton, GoldenEar’s VP-Sales and Marketing. At that time the Triton Reference had been shown at CES, but it hadn’t been released yet. Knowing that the Triton Reference review had already been secured by SECRETS’ Co-Editor Piero Gabucci, I brought up the idea of doing a complete theater system review, including the Reference. We talked about doing some kind of “Super-System”, and the idea stuck. With the blessing of Sandy Gross, the GoldenEar Dolby Atmos Speaker System arrived at my house!

Triton Reference Speakers

Headlining our test system in the front channels will be their brand new Triton Reference Speakers at $8,500/pair. These beauties are not just bigger versions of their award-winning Triton Ones, but rather a completely new design from the ground up. They feature three, 6” x 10” long-throw quadratic subwoofers, four, 9 ½” x 10 ½” quadratic planar infrasonic radiators, two, 6” high-definition reference mid / bass drivers, and a reference High-Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter. And driving the bottom end in each tower you will find an 1800 watt digital 56/bit DSP subwoofer amplifier!

Bringing up the rear channels in our 5.4.4 Dolby Atmos speaker system will be the GoldenEar Triton Ones. Before the new Triton Reference came alone, the Triton Ones were the top offering from GoldenEar, and they completely redefined what it meant to have audiophile performance at a relatively low price. At $5,000/pair, the Ones were considered true reference-grade speakers, and worked equally well in either 2-channel systems or a home theater environment. With the Triton One, you also get built-in subwoofers featuring a 1600 watt digital 56/bit DSP subwoofer amplifier. So just imagine taking a pair of reference-level speakers with built-in 1600 watt subwoofers, and using them in the back of your theater as your surrounds. Yes, that’s like bringing a 12-guage shotgun to a BB-gun fight!

GoldenEar Triton Ones

For the center channel, we are using the SuperCenter XXL, which sits at the top of the center channel offerings from GoldenEar at $1,250. The XXL feature 4, 5 ¼” drivers, 3, planar passive radiators, and GoldenEar’s High-Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeter.

SuperCenter XXL

And finally for our Atmos (height) channels, we are using 4 of GoldenEar’s HTR (Home Theater Reference) 7000 ceiling speakers. At $500/ea, the HTR 7000 has a 7” high-definition cast basket driver, a High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter, a complex crossover network, and a high-frequency equalization switch.

HTR 7000 ceiling speakers

For my review process, I will be putting this over-the-top GoldenEar Dolby Atmos Speaker System through its paces with a wide variety of materials both in music and movie playback. And since both the Triton Reference and Triton Ones have separate LFE inputs, I am taking advantage of that option, which gives me a true 5.4.4 configuration (5 main speakers, 4 subwoofers, and 4 height / Atmos speakers)! Without divulging too many details, I can say that my time with this system so far has brought to me an entirely new level of appreciation for both my music and my movie collection.

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Stay tuned for some serious fun!

See the complete review of the GoldenEar Technology Dolby Atmos Speaker System