Headphones have really become popular the last few years, and that’s not really a surprise.

focal clear headphones hero image

Instead, it’s a predictable evolution, with more high quality portable devices on the market, and more people wanting to listen in private when others are around.

Focal, who has developed an enviable reputation for high quality speakers, has recently been offering high-end headphones designed for discriminating listeners.

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I spent several weeks listening to the Focal Clear headphones, which although expensive at $1500, the Focal Clear headphones are actually in the middle of the company’s line.

Beautifully packed and including a high quality travel case, the headphones come with high quality cables for connecting the Clears to just about any audio output.

I had extended listening sessions with the Focal Clear headphones and compared them to other equally praised headphones. I listed to hard rock, jazz, classical and film scores. I listened at CD resolution, and to several high resolution tracks. I even tried them on some movies where sound effects can dominate the dialogue.

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I also checked the comfort of the headphones over long listening sessions, and tried them with a variety of music sources, both wired and portable.

So just how good are these headphones, and how to they compare to some other highly regarded models from other manufacturers? Look for my in-depth review coming soon to these pages.