I can safely say that I’m a fan of Fluance Audio.

Fluance XL8 Home Theater System lifestyle

I’ve had the opportunity to review a number of their products from sound bases, to turntables, to active and passive speakers. Through them all, there is one common thread. Fluance makes some of the best bang-for-your-buck Hi-Fi on the market today. So naturally, when I got word that Fluance was sending more products my way, I was excited. This time, it’s their newly minted Reference Series XL8 speakers.

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The Reference Series lineup consists of four new options including XL8F floor-standing towers, XL8S bookshelf speakers, an XL8C center channel, and XL8BP bipolar surrounds, which have all been re-developed to deliver “the ultimate sound experience for the home.” I received all four for a system review. And because I’m a swell guy, I’ll be testing out the XL8F floor-standers for their two-channel merits as well.

Fluance XL8 Home Theater System front view

The Reference Series uses woven fiber drivers that provide vibrational damping and optimal linear movement resulting in a faithful reproduction of original recordings. These drivers are said to reveal the most subtle sounds and expressions of individual instruments, therefore “ensuring consumers are hearing a rich and layered soundscape.” All speakers in the reference line share the same neodymium silk dome tweeters for consistent, crisp, natural high frequencies and spacious off-axis dispersion. The XL8F floor-standers feature an 8-inch down-firing woofer built into each tower which should yield a beefier bottom end. Fluance claims a frequency response down to 35Hz, so I’ll have lots of fun mucking around with the crossover levels during my review!

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Fluance XL8 Home Theater System speakers

Fluance XL8 Home Theater System

Each speaker in the new Reference Series is built with an ‘acoustically inert wood enclosure’ that features a sealed cabinet for the XL8C center and a vented bass-reflex design for the XL8F floor-standers and XL8S bookshelves. This is to help control low-frequency bass response. The XL8F tower speakers’ wood cabinets have rigid internal bracing to prevent unwanted resonance and are composed of separate internal enclosures that keep sound waves isolated to eliminate any acoustic interference.

The speakers are priced as follows: XL8F ($599.99 USD), XL8S ($179.99 USD), XL8C ($149.99 USD) and XL8BP ($199.99 USD)

In all, you get a lot for very little money. In fact, I’d say it’s a bit of a steal. You can read my detailed review in a few weeks, ***Spoiler Alert*** They’re good; and if you need new speakers ASAP, have a limited budget, and can’t wait for a verdict, you can go ahead and add these to your cart. See you soon!