Three years ago, Epson introduced a new line of models called High Bright. They were designed to work in rooms with some ambient light or windows.

The reasoning is that not everyone wants to devote a light-controlled space for their projector. One shouldn’t have to endure total darkness to enjoy a big-screen experience. Projectors like this fall into the category of “television replacements.”

Epson HC 3700 Front View

Epson has refined this concept from its boardroom display origins into the projector I’m checking out now, the Home Cinema 3700. It offers tremendous light output, a sharp lens, vivid color and built-in speakers for an impressive $1499.

Unpacking reveals a compact but not-quite portable unit with lens shift, further adding to the projector’s value quotient. After installing it on a stand in my reference theater, I’m immediately drawn to its super-clear picture and natural color. Early measurements show it to be very accurate out of the box.

With light output of over 80fL at the lamp’s lowest setting, it promises to deliver killer 3D. You can’t have too much brightness there, and even though the format has fewer fans these days, Epson still supports it wholeheartedly.

Epson HC 3700 Angle View

I’ll be running the Home Cinema 3700 through my battery of tests and spending a few afternoons watching my favorite reference Blu-rays. Please watch this space for my upcoming full review.

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