Throughout their history, Emotiva has been widely recognized as the world’s best value in high-end audio. They have earned this reputation by offering amazing products that rival the best money can buy at unbelievably low prices.

The mismatch between price and performance was so great that I initially thought there had to be a catch. But there isn’t. All the Emotiva products I have tried embody their signature blend of high performance, quality engineering and superior build quality.

One product line for which Emotiva is most recognized would be their power amplification products. They produce super high powered monoblock amps, robust multi-channel amps and less powerful amplifiers for small rooms or apartments. They literally have all the bases covered.

Their latest release is the XPA Gen3 series amplifiers.

Emotiva XPA Gen3 Amplifier - Front View

This is the next incarnation of their venerable XPA amplification line. All Gen3 amps share the same chassis and Class H power supply. They can then be configured for anywhere between one to seven channels through a modular Class A/B amplification stage approach.

Emotiva XPA Gen3 Amplifier - Rear View

These amp modules are rated at up to 300 watts per channel (8 ohms) for the two channel configuration down to 200 wpc for the seven channel set up. That’s with all channels driven.

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The MSRP ranges from $899 – $1,899 depending on number of channels. Built to order!

Emotiva XPA Gen3 Amplifier - Blade

I have a seven channel XPA Gen3 amp in my system right now. I will be doing a full review with bench tests. Check back in a couple of months for the complete rundown.

MSRP $899 – $1,899

See the complete review of the Emotiva XPA Gen3 Power Amplifier

  • As an avid Emotiva fanboy Jim – I have the XPA 5 its been a great foundation for my home cinema, and coming soon will be an XPR2 (600Wp/c) and XPR5 (400Wp/c) Gen2’s – I look forward to your evaluation of this new Gen kit. Esp how to deliver the same bang with each channel taking power off the single power supply, lowering the available power as each channel is engaged/added. Down to 200W p/c at 7 channel configuration, same as the XPA 5 I have…

  • Brian Smith


    Can you do your readers a favor? A while back on Audioholics there was a discussion regarding Emotiva amps vs other brands (ATI, Outlaw, etc.). Some people, including myself, think that Emotiva amps have plenty of power however at the cost of SNR (both measured and audible).

    Can you please measure the SNR ratio as I have a feeling this amp, while plenty powerful and Class H, comes at the price of noise. Thanks!

  • Jim Clements

    Brian, we can give you the Signal to Noise Ratio with our independent bench tests.

  • Jim Clements

    The way I see it, each module can produce 300 watts if given enough power via the power supply. I do not think the height and surround speakers ever get anywhere near this high a signal so there is normally plenty of reserve power so the front three channels can reach up to the 300 watt level if called upon.

  • Jim
    The other day my Hi-Fi guy said Marantz power amp (8077) is much better than the Emo’s. So I’ve unpacked my 8077 I was going to sell and am now burning it in to test that statement in my system. So far it has a number of key differences greater signal – channel and instrument separation – and a more mellow presentation. Emo’s are forward and clear but everything is presented either same energy. Marantz makes things stand separately. So far. At the end of this I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

  • Jim Clements


    I agree the Emotiva Gen3 is more forward sounding than many of the conventional Class A/B amps I’ve auditioned. I enjoyed the sound of the Emotiva while still acknowledging this difference. Like all things audio, trust your own ears to help you pick the products that work best for you.

    BTW I will be doing bench tests of the Emotiva Gen3 in December and we will publish those when ready.



  • Fink

    Most specs are nearly worthless. SOUND is what counts. My old Carver Cube was 0.5% distortion. Big Deal. Most people I’ve encountered don’t know the interaction possible between various specs, either. Will 250khz switching noise matter? Will it screw up the Square Wave and THAT way cause audible issues?

    Amp power is ultimately limited by how much power the the circuit can supply. USA 15 amp limit is 1800 watts. This is SHORT TERM power. Long term derate is ’bout 20%.
    Factor in amp efficiency and you have max power possible. Going from linear to a G/H ‘switcher’ might get you a couple % but gain MORE in not having to SHIP a large and heavy Toroid around. Former EMO mono bloc, XPR-1 (?) shipped so heavy that it was a PIA to unpack / mount. Not to mention ship BACK in case of a problem. Pass ‘A’ amps have the same problem. The little XA30.8 must go near-100lb in the box.