See the complete review of the ELAC EA-Series EA101EQ-G Integrated DAC-Amplifier

ELAC has made a big splash since 2015. They introduced two brand new lines of speakers designed by Andrew Jones, and have a third on the way.

ELAC’s EA-Series EA101EQ-G Integrated DAC-Amplifier is their first modern foray into audio electronics. It may be even more forward-looking than their acclaimed speakers.

Elac EA-Series EA101EQ
ELAC’s EA-Series EA101EQ-G hits all of the “must-haves” for modern integrated streaming DAC-amps: small, lots of inputs (here, USB, optical, and coaxial digital; RCA analog; Bluetooth aptX streaming), nice binding posts, app control, remote, reasonable price ($699). But on paper ELAC’s EA101EQ-G stands out from the pack in three ways: style, power, and smarts.

ELAC EA-Series EA101EQ-G Integrated Amplifier

Style-wise the ELAC EA101EQ-G looks distinctive but elegant. Its black chassis floats in suspension between two curved brushed metal plates. It looks as good in person as in pictures.

ELAC EA101EQ-G desktop

Power comes from a BASH amplifier designed to drive current hungry speakers. Its rated 80 Watt output into 4 Ohms is double its rated 40 Watts into 8 Ohms. That suggests a stout power supply.

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The EA101EQ-G’s smarts come from ELAC’s Auto Blend & Calibrate (ABC) technology. While most compact integrated DAC-Amps are 2.0 channel or have a nominal subwoofer output, ABC automatically optimizes the mains/sub crossover and corrects for room modes. ABC leverages the microphone in your phone or tablet, and runs algorithms designed by Andrew Jones.

Does the sum of ELAC’s EA-Series EA101EQ-G meet or exceed the sum of its promising parts? I am putting one through its paces right now. Watch this space for my review and measurements of ABC in action.

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See the complete review of the ELAC EA-Series EA101EQ-G Integrated DAC-Amplifier