See the complete review for the ELAC Alchemy Series Electronics Review

If you’ve been paying attention to the successful growth of ELAC over the past few years, you know that they have made a name for themselves in producing high performance, and high-value speakers.


In all of the audio media coverage of ELAC, we always hear about how their products perform well above their affordable pricing structure. I myself have listened to their demos at trade shows, and have always been impressed with what I have heard.

The focus of this upcoming review, however, is with their new line of electronics known as the ELAC Alchemy Series. It consists of the DDP-2 Preamp / DAC / Streamer, DPA-2 Stereo / Mono amplifier, and the PPA-2 Phono Preamplifier.

Alchemy stack rear

The Alchemy components are of standard width and depth, but they are all very slim in design, resulting in a space-saving height of just over 6 inches when all 3 components are stacked.

But in that slim design, you will find a tremendous number of features and connections that provide for a fully-functioning system.

With the slim design and relatively low prices of ELAC’s Alchemy Series compared to “audiophile-grade gear”, are we looking at gear with great value, or simply great gear?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with all 3 components from ELAC so far, so stay tuned for my full review to find out just how good the Alchemy Series really is!

See the complete review for the ELAC Alchemy Series Electronics Review