Phase Technology has developed a complete surround system with its own unique approach to room correction that is dubbed the Digital Audio Reference Theater System or “dARTS” for short.

There are several dARTS systems available from floor-standing to small box to in-wall/in-ceiling options. Each system comes complete with a separate DSP/power amplifier.

dARTS Surround System

The dARTS brand is now its own brand and is primarily marketed toward custom installers though the systems are available for the direct consumer market as well. dARTS Theater

All the room correction DSP takes place in the amplifier. It converts the incoming signals to digital, applies the filters, timing, etc. and then the signal feeds to the speakers via the Class D output stages without being converted back to analog.

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Each speaker is tested to be within ½ dB of a reference standard before shipping so the high end Audyssey Pro kit simply applies room correction and does not have to waste processing power correcting the speakers. Another unique twist is that each driver has its own amp channel.

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I am reviewing a 5.2-channel 535 system (2 ~ DCB 535 LR’s, 1 ~ DCB 535-C, 2 ~ DCB 535-SURR’s and 2 ~ DCB 112 S powered 12” subwoofers). The amplifier is the 16-channel DP 4000 V2. The intent of this system is to allow the room boundaries to melt away so all you are left with is a pristine soundfield. Stay tuned for my upcoming review.

– Jim Clements