Well, lookey at what I have here. It’s a pair of DALI Opticon 6 floorstanding speakers. I have wanted to review a pair of DALI speakers for a long time and this is the first chance I’ve had to make that a reality.

DALI Oticon 6 Close Up

The Opticon series is almost entirely designed and manufactured by DALI, with most parts originating from their Denmark facility while some come from DALI’s dedicated Chinese factory. DALI designs and makes the cabinets, woofers, ribbon tweeter, crossovers and all the plastic bits themselves. The dome tweeter is manufactured by Scanspeak to DALI’s design specifications. All assembly, testing, and packing are done in Denmark.

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DALI is packing in much of their incredible proprietary technology with the new Opticon series. Maybe the most prominent of these is the hybrid tweeter that features a soft dome tweeter working in tandem with a ribbon super tweeter. The claimed treble extension is up to 32 kHz!

DALI Oticon 6 Front

DALI Oticon 6 Back

They also included a pair of their famous woofers with the wood pulp cones and magnet structures that feature Soft Magnetic Compound in the pole piece. The dual woofers measure 6-1/2” each and are in a rear-ported cabinet. The claimed bass extension is 49 Hz, though my in-room bass extension is much better than this. Details will be in the main review.

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These compact towers are gorgeous and feature a clean, articulate quality. Keep your eyes out for my complete review coming soon to the Secrets main site.

DALI Opticon 6 Speakers